Funding For Crapstone Play Equipment

As most people in Crapstone are aware, the Parish Council has been working to secure funding for some new play equipment to enhance the Crapstone Meadows’ Playing Field.  Whilst the Parish Council has committed £10K to this exciting grounds improvement project, we need much more to make a real difference as installing high quality, durable play equipment is expensive.  We have put in a Lottery ‘Awards for All’ grant application for an additional £20K funding and we should hear back in the spring whether the application is successful.  In addition we have applied to the West Devon Borough Council’s ‘Section 106’ funding stream to secure additional funds.  We are really excited about this project as we know how much the residents enjoy the field.  As the Crapstone Meadow’s field is the only fully accessible public green space in Crapstone, we are working hard to ensure it is used and enjoyed by as many residents as possible.

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